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“Performance beyond limits” is our philosophy. Ultra Perform Coatings GmbH provides high quality coatings as well as....
Exclusive agency of MultiMetall  with more than  20 kinds of particular and   unique polymer...
Exclusive agency of Pelox GmbH Co. with more than 30 kinds of unique products for pickling, revitalization and preservation of Stainless Steel...
Over 40 years of experience in acid & alkaline resistant ceramic tiles & bricks made the company the most reliable









Exclusive agency of Byla GmbH with more than 30 years in the field of thread locking, Bonding, Retaining, Gasketing and Sealing adhesives, Cyanoacrylates and epoxy adhesives, metal bonder, primers and light curing adhesives, accelerators, solvents for application in automotive and aviation industries, medical, wood/furniture industry, electronics and mechanical engineering and equipments.

With more than 75 years of brilliant experience the company is leading in rubber lining industry in Italy & worldwide with the product names “AKORROS”

Producer of the best  Rubber- Metal Adhesive systems. These adhesives are used for construction of Polymer-Metal pieces

Kasra industrial lining and coating consultant Co. in order to reduce dangers and injuries cause by electrical shock and with utilization of Europe’s latest technology has succeeded to produce electrical insulators flooring system.

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