Kasra Industrial lining and coating consultant Co abilities.



1.    Rubber lining: One of the most frequent methods for protecting metal & concret surface against corrosive media. Choosing an appropriate rubber & adhesive system for each process condition is as important as proper application method.


2.    Corrosion proof tiling system: This method contains a membrane which is impermeable, a suitable mortar & suitable tiles. Choosing each of these three items take place according to chemical conditions of the project.



3.    FRP( Fibre Reinforced Plastics): One of the most popular methods for surface protection against mild corrosive media. The suitability of the basic resin, fiber & the thickness of the coating are determinant factors in final quality of the coating.


4.    Polymer-Metals & Polymer-Ceramics: Extraordinary products for repair of different metals & coating of vital parts in industry. Where no other solution could endure corrosion & heat of the process. These products are considered as cold welding, after curing all properties are the same as basic metal.


5.    Fluoropolymer coatings: PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, PFA Teflon based coatings for extra high thermal & chemical stability on metal surfaces for critical parts in industry.


6.    Rubber-metal bonding systems: Mostly used in automobile industry for adhesion of rubbers to metal parts. Including cold & hot adhesive systems for rubber-lining of inside the tanks.


7.    Anti-Skid floor coating: These are produced by Kasra company by each order.Thicknesses could be from 3 to 30 mm & width up to 140 cm.


8.    Electrical Insulator sheets (As floor coating): These are produced by Kasra Company & could insulate up to 57000 volt electricity. These product is used in power plants, substations, in front of electrical control panels & etc, In order to insure safety of workers & staff.