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Electrical Insulator

Kasra Industrial Lining and Coating Consultant Co. in order to reduce dangers and injuries cause by electrical shock and with utilization of Europe’s latest technology has succeeded to produce electrical insulators flooring system. This product has achieved test certificate from high voltage laboratory of Niroo research, Razi Metallurgical Research Center (RMRC), Energy  & Power Industries Laboratories Co (E.P.I.L) and Power & Water University of Technology (PWUT) which show its resistance to electrical current up to 36000 Volts

Mentioned product as a flooring system is used to protect people and increase their safety and health in all industries using electrical equipments and in operating switchboards and high voltage stations and distribution

This product is produced and released in rolls with Width of 1 mm, Thickness of 3-6mm and has five colors of orange, green, red and blue and white.

Kasra Company is one of the chief manufacturers and exporters of Electrical Insulating Mats in Middle East. Our mats are approved by high voltage laboratories.

Ideal to be used for operations related to:

     - High voltage panels

      - Sub-stations

     - Power transformer rooms

      - LT & HT labs

     - Near sub-bars

     - Near control panels

Certified by local authorities: 
•  High Voltage Ref. Lab of Ministry of Power (Niroo Research Institute, NRI)

•  Razi Metallurgical Research Center

•  Power & Water University of technology (PWUT)

•  Department of Labor

•  Energy & Power Industries Laboratories CoEnergy & Power Industries Laboratories Co