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Unique Characteristics of Our Electrical Insulating Mat

Unique characteristics of our electrical insulating mat:

  • Class 0 to Class 4, Maximum use voltage  36kV (A.C) 54Kv (D.C)
  • Suitable physical and mechanical properties to withstand trolley movement, mobile electrical equipment and  foot traffic
  • Applicable for both AC & DC electrical insulation
  • Water and moisture resistance
  • Appropriate anti-skid properties
  • Excellent resistant against tearing and punching
  • Fire retardant, self-extinguishing properties
  • Exhibit good elongation & tensile strength properties
  • Manufactured without any metallic derivatives or carbon additives
  • Applicable for all fields of generation, transferring, distribution and consumption of electricity
  • Available in blue, gray, green, orange and red colors
  • In the form of roll with 1 meter width