Kasra Company is Exclusive Agent of Pelox.

Exclusive agency of Pelox (German company) with more than 30 unique products for the protection, revitalization and pickling of stainless steel and other metal alloys.

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 1 TS-K2000, TS-K green, TS-K spezial 

High degree of effectiveness, removes annealing colours, scaling and corrosion from all stainless steels.

Enhanced pickling effect – low in odour. Especially suited for chrome-nickel-steel.
 2 SP-K-300, SP-K-3000 extra, SP-K spezial  Removes annealing colours, scaling, corrosion as well as traces of oil and grease. Excellent brightening of the surface. Extended damp phase.  
 3  RP, RP GL  Guarantees densification of the passive layer for all austenitic chrome-nickel steels. Recommended after pickling and cleaning procedures.  
 4 FR-D, FR-D spezial, FR-D 50 
 5  P-AL    
 6 AR, AR-spezia, AR-90  AR special Removes organic contamination, oils and grease. Non-metallic processing marks. Suitable for metals(not for aluminium), ceramic products and plastic materials.  
 7  Plus 1000, Plus 3000  Special cleaning product for heavy contamination, coatings and corrosion. Contains highly active cleaning additives.  
 8 OS 540, OS 541    
 9  F520, F521    
 10  PT700  Suitable for the removal of light contamination and fingerprints,temporary protection from corrosion. Does not contain solvents.  
 11  R500, R501 Food Tech Oil  Degreasing spray – vigorous degreaser for all metal types. Will also remove stubborn adhesive residue.
 12  FT 600, FT 601  Food Tech Oil moisture protection for maintenance and conservation of equipment in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and medical technology.  
 13  S640, S641, SPritz-E x2000, Spritz-Ex 2001  Welding protection spray - When welding is a Protective film, the adhesion of welding beads on work pieces prevented in the nozzles.