Kasra Company is Exclusive Agent of BYLA.

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Exclusive agency of Byla GmbH with more than 30 years in the field of thread locking, Bonding, Retaining, Gasketing and Sealing adhesives, Cyanoacrylates and epoxy adhesives, metal bonder, primers and light curing adhesives, accelerators, solvents for application in automotive  and aviation industries, medical, wood/furniture industry, electronics and mechanical engineering and equipments.


Cyanoacrylates, super glues


Adhesives and sealants curing under the absence of air


Epoxide adhesives, metal bonder


Light curing adhesives and coatings

bonding and sealing of aluminium pipes for towel warmers with Bylapox 3125

Bylapox 3125 HV (A+B) is a solvent free, two part

epoxide-system modified with rubber for bonding especially stainless steel and problematic plastics.

Other materials: Steel, aluminium, copper, brass,many plastics, china, wood, etc.

Bylamet   Cyanoacrylates, so-called super glues, for the different applications

Bylamet S2: One component cyanoacrylate adhesive based

on modified ethylenester, low viscous

Application: Bonding of plastics, rubber, metals.

Specials: Bonds in seconds rubbers and plastics.