Kasra Co empowered in Anti Corrosion Coatings & Electrical Insulator

About Us

Kasra Industrial lining & coating company is a leading company in the field of anti-corrosion linings owing to its experienced staff & successful work history.

Kasra Co. has the honour of cooperation with the most reliable producers in Europe such as: HEGGEL (Germany), K&W (Germany), HAW (Germany), Interbau (Germany), GBT (Germany), MultiMetall (Germany), Pelox (Germany), GUTBROD (Germany), KAMELOCK (Germany), TAMBURINI (Italy), Cray valley (Korea, having the French license).

Knowledge, experience & reliable suppliers make Kasra Co. Powerful to support customers in the field of surface protection.


Vision and Mission

Wherever chemical and abrasive corrosion is considered a threat to structures, we are there to help you protect them. Due to our access to the most up-to-date products of leading European companies and the professional consultation we can provide you, accumulated through our years of experience in anti-corrosive coating, our technical experts have the knowledge based on global standards to help you protect structures from corrosion.

Worldviews and values

We treat our customer, employees and providers with mutual respect and trust and believe it to be vital in attaining our goals.