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Kasra Company Values

• Revolutionizing the attitude of the industrial society: Kasra Co. intends to revolutionize the attitude of the industrial society towards the issue of corrosion and alter the ways of dealing with it.


• Collaborating with Eminent corporations throughout the world: We cooperate with the most prominent corporations of the world in order to be able to supply the most suitable products to our customers.

• Our Social responsibility: We consider ourselves responsible for the society and the environment we are living and working in.

• Positive Interaction with the Customer: In order to deliver innovative solutions and boosting customer benefits we do our best to create a positive interaction with our clienteles at all times.


• Genuine service to customers: We know that we can achieve our customers’ satisfaction through elevating our efficiency and competence.

• Creating an Environment based on Mutual Trust and Respect: We treat our customer, employees and providers with mutual respect and trust and believe it to be vital in attaining our goals.

• Considering the quality of the products: We have faith in that providing products with high quality increases efficiency and decreases production expenditures.

• Considering customers’ needs: Kasra Company puts a lot of effort in providing guidance along with scientific and specialized consults to lead the customers suggest the best purchase suitable for them.

• Efficiency and Success: We attempt to do what is considered the best and do this through the best ways possible.

• Fulfillment of the Employees: We have confidence in the growth and development of employees along with the development of business.

• Utter Honesty: There is no doubt that honesty has been and will be the base of interaction and communication in Kasra.