Kasra Company is Exclusive Agent of MultiMetall.

Exclusive agency of MultiMetall ® .with more than 20 kinds of particular and unique polymer.


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 1 MM-metal SS-Steelceramic
PolymerMetal ® with the widest range of application for repairs and maintenance of all metals and alloys very high quality at mechanical repairs of damaged devices.High technical data and also the chemical resistance and bonding with the structure of metallic surfaces are it’s remarkable features.  
 2 MM-metal SQ extreme short curing time and the easy processing. The powdery metal component offers together with the liquid hardener component a corrosion-proof alloy material with high bonding properties.  
 3 MM-metal SS-steel 382 PolymerMetal® and construction material, which can optimise the desired material properties. The high performance material MM-metal SS-steel 382 delivers the best technical data under mechanical and physical stress.  
 4 MM-metal SS-steel PolymerMetal® for repairs of constructions made of steel and iron  
 5 MM-metal SS-aluminium an alloy-related PolymerMetal for the repair of components made of aluminium. MM-metal SS-aluminium is a very workable polymer-metallic material for the reconstitution of functional surface.  
 6 MM-metal SS-copper an alloy-related PolymerMetal®. The formulation is a polymer and a copper alloy especially to repair damages at metallic components made of copper.  
 7 MM-metal SS-bronze PolymerMetal® for repairs of constructions made of bronze  
 8 MM-metal oL-steelceramic a PolymerMetal® tested and certified for the repair of oily, greasy or fuel contaminated metals and alloys in case of stress due to cracks, corrosion, abrasion, impact or chemicals  
 9 MM-metal UW PolymerMetal® with extreme short curing time. It is certified for repairs under water or on wet metal surfaces. Possible application areas of MM-metal UW are the repair of under water components or the sealing of leaks - also in case of systems under pressure. It can be processed at ambient temperatures as low as 0 °C.  
 10 Ceramium® Ceramium offers maximum wear resistance against continuous material loss on metallic surfaces. With tough hard layers, Ceramium protects against erosion, abrasion, cavitation or corrosion in case of dry or wet or chemical stress.  
 11 Ceramium® CH Polymer-Ceramic with good wear resistance and high chemical resistance  
 12 XETEX® BD cold-setting two-component construction adhesive on basis of epoxy resin / ceramic, which has been developed for high-strength bonding. The application is the joining of materials (i.e. metals, ceramics and plastics) with high strength at high mechanical, static and dynamic loads.  
 13 VP 10-017 viscoplastic polymer-ceramic with high impact and cavitation resistance. Due to its low viscosity,VP 10-017 can be processed either with brush or roll coating. This extremely smooth surface protection provides very high resistance against chemicals and has a high mechanical-physical load capacity. Also at plants stressed by wear and corrosion VP 10-017 finds its place of application. Furthermore it can be used at high atmospheric humidity.  
 14 VP 10-500 PolymerMetal® for repair and maintenance of metals in the high temperature range. It is a hot hardening material which does have a clearly higher temperature resistance than cold-hardening polymer materials. A high chemical resistance especially against sulphuric acid is given.  
 15 Molymetall®
PolymerMetal® with a very low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties. The emergency running properties against solid dry friction such as sliding wear and stick-slip are excellent. After curing, Molymetall® can be processed to a finished measure up to the μ-area. Possible applications are i.e. hydraulic pistons, pillar guides, slide bearings, slide ways, tappet guides.  
 16 Sealium®
Mostly Sealium is used as sealant and sealing of metallic casting materials. Furthermore alloys and thermal coated components can be treated with Sealium. As a one component material with extremely high capillary activity, Sealium penetrates micro-porosities or hair-line cracks and reacts in the structure of the metallic material. Thereby leaks of a width up to max. 0,2 mm are repaired.  
 17 MM-metal S-steel    /   MM-metal S-iron  /          MM-metal S-aluminium / MM-metal S-copper /    MM-metal S-bronze  alloy-related PolymerMetal® for the repair of components made of steel,iron,aluminium,copper or bronze is a very workable polymer-metallic material for the reconstitution of functional surfaces.This PolymerMetal® eliminates damages at metallic devices caused by mechanical, corrosive and/or chemical stress.

PolymerMetals® of the S-basis offer good technical data at a rapid hardening. By altering the mixing ratio of metal powder to hardener, the user is able to determine the application consistency of the mixed components from liquid to pasty. PolymerMetals® of the S-basis are used i.e. to remove bubbles in cast parts or for quick repairs. MM-metal S is available for steel, iron, aluminium, copper and bronze.

 18 MM-Elastomer material with rubber-like characteristics. These Urethane-Elastomer-systems unite very good combinations of physical and chemical properties. The range of MM-Elastomer goes from Shore A hardness 40 to 95. Using MM-Elastomer elastic connections can be created or components repaired which are i.e. subject to abrasion. One great advantage of MM-Elastomer is, that neither primer nor conditioner is required. MM-Elastomer has a good temperature resistance and excellent bonding properties, in particular on metallic surfaces.  
 19 MM-Sets (MM-metal SS-steelceramic, MM-metal oL-steelceramic, MM-metal UW & Ceramium) have been combined together with numerous accessories in one universal MM-Basic Set to solve versatile repair problems.  
 20 MM-Degreaser Z MM-Degreaser Z is an universal solvent for degreasing metallic, plastic and other surfaces. Before the application of PolymerMetals there is mostly a surface preparation of the concerned work piece required to evoke a good bonding between the PolymerMetal® and the ground material. Along with those requirements goes the cleaning of the surface. Here we recommend the use of MM-Degreaser Z.  
 21 MM-Release agent prevents the adhesion between PolymerMetals and the surface of the base material. In some cases the user of a PolymerMetal® wants to avoid the adhesion of the PolymerMetal® on certain places of the work piece’s surface. Here we recommend the use of MM-Release agent.  
 22 Acessories Accessories for easier and extended application of MultiMetall-products